by occultusion

About me

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Hello! Welcome to the site. I'm a big fan of cartoons and the like. I'm also a big fan of things from online stuff from the 2000s.

I love to draw and have been doing so since I was very young. I aspire to be an animator, and I've been trying out 3D animation lately (I'm still very new to it though) My favourite video game consoles would have to be the DS/3DS and the Switch.

I have a lot of interests such as:
Sonic the hedgehog (The comics mainly), My Little Pony, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Super Mario, Care Bears, Neopets, Undertale/Deltarune, Ace Attorney, The Muppets, Adventure Time, Stardew Valley, Parappa the Rapper/Umjammer Lammy, Jerma985, Monster High, No Straight Roads, Minecraft, Sailor Moon